• What is LoyalRomance.com?
  • LoyalRomance.com helps all members connect and foster meaningful relationships with their dream, whether a great, friendship, a committed relationship, with the aid of a broad and dynamic network.

  • I forgot my password. Can you tell me?
  • That's simple, Click here to retrieve your password automatically.

  • Is LoyalRomance.com Safe?
  • We always take our Clients` privacy & security as the first priority. We have secured clients` private data with zero compromise for 19 Years. For more info about how we secure your privacy, please see our Private Policy & Terms of Use.

  • Can I exchange personal contact information via the website?
  • Our first priority is and always will be the protection and the wellbeing of our members. For security and safety reasons, members are not permitted to exchange personal contact information via any of the site's services.

    All these services are designed to help you better understand and decide whether you are compatible, as well as to work out a promising relationship.

    We are always trying to provide better and more diversified services to our members. In the near future, more choices will be available for you to have closer communication. Please stay tuned!

  • I am experiencing technical problems while using your site. What should I do?
  • We are sorry that you face technical problems while using our services. We urge you to report the problems to our Customer Care and provide us with the following details:

    - The URL, which leads to the error message.
    - The error message
    - The date, time and location of access when you next encounter the error.